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    Polyurethane Ductings
BORA 4000
Medium duty polyester/polyurethane hose supported by a single, fully encapsulated blue or plain wire... (more)
BORA 8500
Made from a heavy wall polyurethane over a semi-sprung wire helix, this hose is used in heavy and ab... (more)
BORA 8000
Super heavyweight abrasion resistant polyurethane ducting hose giving superb performance for transfe... (more)
BORA 8600
Tough yet lightweight PU ducting hose with a very smooth bore and good flexibility. This hose offers... (more)
BORA 8610
Heavier duty version of 8600, this is a very heavy polyurethane ducting hose with a smooth bore. Des... (more)
BORA 8750
A new type of ducting hose specially designed for vacuuming leaves, twigs, pine needles and similar ... (more)
Bora 4500
Made from a premium grade polyether polyurethane and reinforced with a sprung steel wire helix. Thi... (more)