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    Silverflex Fuel and WRC Hose
GCNA Fuel Hose 2234
‘Silverflex’ hose made from a synthetic tube and with a galvanised outer braid. The most popular of ... (more)
GCNA Fuel Hose 2277
Synthetic rubber tube with a single textile braid over which a steel wire braid is laid. Very flexib... (more)
GCNA WRAS Silverflex
This special range of WRAS approved hose is designed for use in industry and domestic installations.... (more)
VIRGO 2335
As GCNA 2315 but DIN 20021/2. Extruded synthetic rubber hose designed for medium pressure applicatio... (more)
VIRGO 2336
Synthetic rubber hose reinforced with a double textile braid. 2" size and above has a steel wire rei... (more)